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Build your own PC - Components - Assembly -

A crib sheet on how to build your own PC, including describing the parts of a computer, the aspects that affect their performance, the features you need to look out for, and how to maximise it’s performance.

PC Maintenance

A quick list on the parts of your PC that you should regularly clean up to keep your PC running quick and smooth. Also has a quick tick list for the cleanup routine.

Network Fault Finding

A fault finding list for if you’re having problems connecting to the internet (not much use on here then :), plus a little IP diagnostics listing for checking what’s happening in the background on your network, and how your IP traffic is being handled over the internet.

User Guides

A list of quick start and reference guides for all sorts of things, from drawing tools and 3D games engines, to Speech Recognition, English Grammar, and washing machine symbols..


Development notes and processes for various projects including speech recognition and 3D game design. Under construction…


The set of web safe fonts for deciding on the look of your web site..

If you have any other cool crib sheets, let us know on the forums, or email them to me via the contact details…

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