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Computer Maintenance

Tools to keep your PC clean, fast, and safe - including firewall and anti-malware, start-up, registry and temporary file cleaners, disk defragmentation, and general Windows OS tools.

Hardware Diagnostics

Tools for telling you what’s going on in your PC - including hardware diagnostics and health monitors, operating system settings, and process and network activity listings.

Networking Software

Tools for analysing and interacting with networks - including network usage and port monitors, LAN and WiFi scanners, and IP Tracing tools.

System Tools

Tools for viewing and editing processes, registries, cookies, and other miscellaneous misbehaviour.

Drawing Packages

A selection of good 2d and 3d drawing and image editing tools.

Speech Recognition Macros

Windows comes with integrated speech recognition and text to speech engines. If you want to expand on the standard functionality included, you can install WSRM (Windows Speech Recognition Macros), and write your own. This page includes a selection of advanced WSRM macros for doing some pretty funky stuff.

Full Tools List

A full list of small freeware tools I’ve heard about, but not tried. If you’ve tried any of them, or know any others, let me know, and can add them to the list…

If you know of any other cool freeware tools, or have any other tool comparison stuff, let us know on the forums…

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