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Cool Tools

Tools for some heavy duty system analysis (to be updated):


Karens Snooper (v1.4 - www.karenware.com)

Keep track of processes running on your PC. Runs invisibly in the background and creates a log file that records the starting and stopping of all processes. Can be used to detect tampering or just the time spent using each program.


Karens Registry Ripper (v1.2 - www.karenware.com)

Copy selected registry entries to a .reg file for easy importing into another registry, move registry entries from one computer to another, or make selective backup copies of your registry data.

Registry Assistant (v1.0 - www.majorgeeks.com/Reg_Assistant_d5025.html)

Export or import a copy of your registry to/from file. Very basic, simply has an import/export button.

Karens Registry Pruner (v2.5 - www.karenware.com)

Clean up the registry SharedDLLs key. Orphaned entries can cause installed/uninstalled programs to misbehave or trigger registry corrupted messages. Can also remove entries in the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs list that remain after a program has been uninstalled.

RegEdit (Windows)

Windows supplied tool for viewing and editing your registry. Nice little tool.

Regalyzer (v1.6.2 - www.safer-networking.org/products/regalyzer)

Spybot registry viewer. Don't think quite as good as Windows RegEdit.


Karens Cookie Viewer (v3.6 - www.karenware.com)

Scans and lists cookies currently on your PC, and displays the data stored in each one. Can also delete any unwanted cookies.

Karens Autorun Editor (v1.4 - www.karenware.com)

Easily create an “autorun.inf” file to automatically run programs on a CD when it is inserted, for example, automatically display a web page or text file, navigate the user's browser to a support web site, or launch a setup program.

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