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Welcome to perturbed koala, the site for generally computer oriented stuff. There’s information on where to find a lot of useful freeware tools, quick lists on how to maintain and get the most out of your PC, and an index of useful known and not so well known websites. If you want to see what you can do with your PC, this site has lots of useful tips that could take a while to track down otherwise..

Cool Tools is a selection of useful freeware tools for doing a lot of things with your PC, including maintenance and security, or running PC and network diagnostics checks, to customising it and doing other funky stuff. Speech recognition contains software for being able to use voice control to ask your PC to read you the days headlines, weather, play requested songs from media player, or tell you what it can find on any given subject.

Quick Lists is a selection of quick reference crib sheets for various generally computer oriented stuff, including how to build your own PC, a robust PC clean-up and maintenance routine, and how to trace and track internet traffic and network faults. Hopefully more reference sheets should be coming up soon, including a full crib of network technologies and C/C++. If you have any others, please send them in..

Cyber Space is a selection of web sites for all sorts of things from finding out world facts, songs you only know a lyric to, artwork generators, or good image and audio sample libraries; to ideas for saving the planet or finding a good mortgage. The computer page has listings of where to find a lot of useful mostly freeware tools. And the development page lists a lot of sites that are useful for learning various software programming skills such as C++, Java, .NET, 2D and 3D games development, and speech recognition.

Posts n Forums for posting any comments or any useful information.


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